Editor's Note

by Colin Barry | 10/24/03 5:00am

At its heart, Homecoming is about pride -- the pride that swells in new class as they sweep through town and flood the Green to encircle the bonfire, the pride that fills Memorial Field and defines every cheer, the pride that keeps an army of allegiant alumni coming back each Dartmouth Night.

This weekend puts freshmen at center stage. Members of the class of 2007: this is your initiation into a kinship as vibrant as the fire and as loyal as those who surround it. Your first-year bonfire experience is something you share with those who came before you, something that ties you to all of us who were once there too. The task is 107 laps, the inevitable outcome is a sense of belonging and appreciation for the community you're a part of.

Students at the College are in an enviable position this weekend. Every day, we enjoy the elements of Dartmouth life -- the fun, the spirit and the camaraderie -- that alumni have come back to find.

Still, recognize that our days here are few -- and our Homecoming weekends even fewer. So, make the most of it. You can study next week. Now is the time to get out, experience the bonfire, cheer on the football team and go to all those parties you've been waiting for.