Better than 'The Moose?'

by Allison Smith | 10/15/03 5:00am

To the Editor:

I am a strong supporter of the widespread belief that we need a new mascot. In my opinion, the "Green Thumb" would be an all-inclusive mascot that could have a positive impact on this campus. Please consider the following reasons why we should employ the "Green Thumb":

1) Non-Offensive: It is a mascot to which everyone can relate, we all have thumbs!

2) Symbolism: The "thumbs up" is a universal sign of encouragement. We can all do it, and we all know what it means, just think "thumbs-up, Go Dartmouth!"

3) Green: Follows tradition of Dartmouth.

4) Green Thumbs: a new approach to our commitment of inclusive campus diversity. The green thumb invites not only athletes, but also organic farmers, vegans, enviro-activists and all those who give the universal sign of encouragement, to feel a part of the Dartmouth community through the implementation of the thumbs-up gesture.

For all these reasons, I believe the "Green Thumb" is clearly the choice mascot for Dartmouth!