Students sell sweets to assist SARS victims

by Valerie Silverman | 5/1/03 5:00am

Club Singapura is doing its part to contribute to efforts by the Singaporian National Fund, known as the Courage Fund, to support the rising number of SARS victims in their country.

The student organization, composed of 20 students of both Singaporian and other nationalities, is selling pineapple tarts, a traditional Chinese dessert, to raise money to send to Singapore.

The Courage Fund was recently set up by the national government of Singapore "when cases of SARS started ballooning," said Ryan Tan '05, President of Club Singapura.

According to Tan, the rationale for the fund is that those who are affected by SARS are quarantined, immobile, unable to work, support a family or even shop for groceries.

Many families in Singapore live close to each other, mostly in apartment blocks. Such proximity only makes the contagious disease more transferable.

Nobody in Tan's family, who also lives in an apartment block in Singapore, has been affected by SARS right now. However, a family that lives in the apartment next to his has recently been "home quarantined."

"It has come right to my door," said Tan. "All I can do is worry now."

Because the members of Club Singapura are so far from home, raising money and contributing it is a way for them to show their support and concern for their families and friends there.

The Courage Fund is open to donations from both "private and institutional entities," according to Tan. Thus, the Fund is receiving donations from Singaporians overseas, such as from Club Singapura.

Daniel Ng '03 spearheaded the idea for this fundraiser. He will be baking the tarts with the help of club members.

Club Singapura was first recognized last year as a club by the Student Activities Committee. The main focus of the group is to get information about Dartmouth back to possible applicants in Singapore, as well as to mentor incoming Singaporian students.

Tarts can be ordered until Friday.

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