Marton wins in landslide

by Jessica Spradling | 5/2/03 5:00am

In a landslide victory, Janos Marton '04 was reelected Student Body President with 1158 votes and nearly 74 percent of the vote, the largest margin of victory in the last decade. Noah Riner '06 won the race for vice president despite polls that put David Wolkoff '04 ahead just days ago, and will join Marton in leading the Assembly.

Rumors of student apathy in this year's election proved to be at least somewhat accurate. 1,835 Dartmouth students voted in this year's elections, a number significantly lower than last year's 2,331. Some of the lower turn out may be due to Marton's status as an incumbent and the smaller number of candidates on the presidential ballot.

"I'm really pumped to lead the Student Assembly and give all people on campus a strong voice," Marton said.

Brett Theisen '05, Marton's only official challenger, accrued the smallest percentage of votes of any second-place finisher in the past several years with only 256 of the 1573 votes for president, or around 16.3 percent.

Jonathan Lazarow '05, Theisen's campaign manager, said that we was not "all disappointed, but not all happy" with the results of the elections.

"Brett was a good alternative to Janos in a lot of ways, and in some ways not necessarily the most appealing to the whole campus," said Lazarow.

Lazarow said that in hindsight he and Theisen should have focused more on interpersonal campaigning "outside of Brett's comfort zone."

Chad Butt '04 received the most votes of any write-in candidate with 43 votes, and Neil Desai '05 received 41. Desai changed his BlitzMail alias to Snead Hearn, the hedgehog running as a write-in, and thus all votes cast for Hearn appeared in Desai's name.

Though The Dartmouth's pre-election poll had predicted a significant victory for Wolkoff in the Asssembly vice presidential election, Noah Riner '06 won by more than 80 votes, with Brett Martin '04 in second place, with Wolfkoff trailing in third.

Riner went door-to-door and around the dining halls with his laptop during the election period, encouraging students to vote, and offering them candy. Riner is currently the 2006 Class President.

Marton said he gave a lot of credit to Riner and Martin for continuing with their campaigns even though they were shown as being significantly behind Wolkoff in The Dartmouth's poll.

He added that he was excited to be working with Riner next year. "We get along pretty well. I didn't know Julia [Hildreth] at all and we ended up working well together," Marton said.

Riner said he also anticipated a good working relationship with Marton. "Janos has proved that he can be an effective leader, and Dartmouth has decided he can do it again, so yes I am very excited to work with him."

Rabkin Golden said he was grateful for all those who had backed him during his campaign. "I'd like to thank all my supporters," he said. "I learned a lot about politics."

Martin was not as pleased about the outcome his bid for the vice presidency.

"Thank you to all of my friends who stepped up and helped me out. For those of you who were too lazy to spend two minutes voting, kill yourself," Martin said in a statement to The Dartmouth.

The Class of 2004 president will be Alexa Hansen '04 and the 2004 vice president will be Kieron Bryan '04, a write-in candidate.

The 2006 presidential and vice-presidential Elections were some of the closest elections of the season. Ben Schwartz '06 will lead his class after defeating his closest opponent Samuel Jackson '06 by a relatively small margin of 13 votes.

Griffon Gordon won the class vice presidency by only 3 votes, with his 143 beating Marcie Wing '06 and Orinola Gbadebo-Smith '06 who took a second place tie with 140 votes each.

Next year the Organization Adjudication Committee will include Sara Hudson '05, Kevin Mazur '04, Jeffrey Shaw '04, Kristin Burdge '04, Katherine Huyett '05, and Cristina Maniu '04.

The Green Key Society will consist of Julia Hildreth '05, Matthew Oppenheimer '05, Lucas Nikkel '05, Christian Weeks '05, William Fang '05, Neha Kulkarni '05, Kaitlin Jaxheimer '05, Daniel Hui '05, Ali Youssefi '05, Sarah Messner '05, Stella Treas '05, Jenny Jun '05, Puja Dutt '05, Ilana Jacobs '05, Sara Hudson '05, Margot Langsdorf '05, Nathan Cardin '05, Kathryn Strayer-Benton '05, Nicole Valco '05, and Zachary Rubeo '05.

The Committee on Standards will be Jordan Cooper '04,

Alison Kelley '04, Katherine Crawford '04, Sara Hudson '05, Julia Keane '04 and Curtis Leitner '04.

The 2004 Representatives to the Assembly will be Brett Martin '04, Reid Coggins '04, Kevin Mazur '04, M. Andrew Edwards '04, Adam Small '04, Sharon Den '04, Angela Green '04, and Jacquelyn Famber '04.

The 2005 Representatives to the Assembly will be Julia Hildreth '05, David Wolkoff '05 and Sally Newman '05, Lucas Nikkel '05, Ralph Davies Jr '05, Stella Treas '05, Steven Koutsavlis '05, and David Hankins '05.

The 2006 Representatives to the Assembly will be Todd Rabkin Golden '06, Russell Lane '06, Shaunak Mewada '06, Susan Abramczyk '06, Karen Kramer '06. Marcie Wing '06, Benjamin Waters '06 and Srobol Subhapholsiri '06.