Spring Rush

by Kathleen McDermott | 1/13/03 6:00am

To the Editor:

Friday's article "Panhell, IFC kick off winter rush" (The Dartmouth, Jan. 10) did an excellent job of delineating the various formal recruitment processes currently underway and open to all eligible students interested in Greek life. However, it inaccurately referred to the process as a "winter-only rush system."

It is true that, because College policy enacted last year prohibits students from joining Greek organizations until sophomore winter, there have been no formal recruitment processes held in the fall. However, virtually all Greek organizations opened up their memberships last spring, with the Greek system as whole welcoming 126 new members.

Recognizing that many sophomores are off during the winter term, the Panhellenic Council organized a formal spring recruitment process with each and every sorority offering bids. The Coed Council, seeing a strong increase in interest in coed houses in recent years, similarly held a spring rush in addition to its winter recruitment process. The Inter-Fraternity Council conducted an informal rush for the spring term, with some houses welcoming up to 17 new members.

Greek leaders feel very positively about the spring recruitment process, look forward to offering it again this year and encourage any students not able to rush this term to consider joining a Greek organization this spring.

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