Simple Saving Steps

by Scott Holland | 11/12/02 6:00am

To the Editor:

If the budget cutbacks at Dartmouth are so upsetting, perhaps the "Take a Professor to Lunch" program could meet at Lou's, Collis, the Hop or a dorm common room for take-out sandwiches. We had the Trustees over to the Choates' living room in 1970.

The Dartmouth ran "Prof. Lunches to resume Mon." on Oct. 17 regarding the program. The article referred to Dick DuMez, food and beverage administrative director at the Hanover Inn: "He said that the program was definitely the most expensive of all of the Hanover Inn's promotional programs, its costs exceeding those of programs like FAST Food and book-and-author luncheons. DuMez added that the Inn spent more than 50 percent of its promotional-events budget on Take a Professor to Lunch."

A billion here, a billion there -- pretty soon you're talking real money.