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The Dartmouth
March 2, 2024 | Latest Issue
The Dartmouth

Mixed Messages

To the Editor:

Following a story about a swastika being carved into the upholstery of a bench in Rockefeller Center and the scandalized reaction of the student body,I find it surprising and offensive that you would print hateful racial and ethnic slurs such as the following quoted from "The Dartmouth Who?" by Tai Antoine '01 on Nov. 1: "Why not the Dartmouth Gumbas, Dartmouth Jews, Dartmouth Pollacks, Dartmouth Fighting Irish Drunkards, Dartmouth Gestapo, Dartmouth Limeys, Dartmouth Wops, Dartmouth Camel Jockeys?" As one of Irish heritage, I am particularly offended by "Fighting Irish Drunkards."

The Oct. 30 article, "Swastika Scars Rocky Couch," quoted Rabbi Edward Boraz saying, "I think the entire community must always be watchful for these types of expressions of hate that truly cut across cultural lines ... An expression of hate targeted against one group involves every group of students, regardless of denomination or affiliation."

Please don't tell me that the publication of the quoted ethnic slurs was warranted given the subject of the opinion piece or historical injustice.

If it's sauce for the goose, it's sauce for the gander.