Kyle '04 to lead The Dartmouth

by Tim Mosso | 11/25/02 6:00am

Tara Kyle '04, from Juneau, Alaska, will be the next president of The Dartmouth, succeeding current president John Teti '03, current editors announced at The Dartmouth's annual changeover ceremony Friday evening at Casque and Gauntlet senior society.

The 2004 directorate, led by the 20-year-old Kyle, will assume full control of The Dartmouth's news and business operations at the beginning of Winter term.

As president of The Dartmouth and chairman of its Board of Proprietors, Kyle will manage the approximately 100-person staff and the $350,000 annual budget of The Dartmouth, Inc., the student-run business that owns The Dartmouth and The Dartmouth Online.

Kyle, who is currently in Edinburgh, Scotland, on the religion department's Foreign Study Program, called newspaper work "a challenging, wonderful and occasionally heartbreaking service." She referred to The Dartmouth staff as "some of the most talented, dedicated and caring students at Dartmouth."

Teti, visibly moved during his farewell speech, said afterward that he was proud of The Dartmouth staff's service to the Dartmouth community.

Teti also expressed his confidence that the 2004 directorate will provide strong leadership, adding that Kyle "knows the paper backward and forward, and I know that she's going to do an excellent job."

Among the other announcements made at the Changeover ceremony, Charles Gardner '04 will succeed Ithan Peltan '03 as The Dartmouth's executive editor and vice chairman of the Board of Proprietors. As executive editor, Gardner will supervise day-to-day management of the paper.

David J. Klein '04 will replace Jennifer Thomas '03 as managing editor. Klein will aid Gardner in the daily management of news activities and editorial work.

Allison Schmauch '04 will replace Steven Kantor '03 as features editor. Schmauch will edit and prepare feature stories for the biweekly features pull-out and the In Focus section that appears Tuesdays.

David Schnur '05 was named associate editor, replacing Jeremy Skog '03. Schnur, who will also continue his current role as online editor, will assume responsibility for layout design in 2003.

Richard Lazarus '04 will succeed Rachel Osterman '03 as projects editor. Lazarus will oversee investigative feature work and long-term projects.

Elliot Olshansky '04 will become the editor of the World and Nation section.

Nathaniel Paull '05 will continue as op-ed editor. Paull will be taking a leave term this winter, so Hemant Joshi '04 will serve as interim op-ed editor until spring.

Rob Strong '04 will succeed Tripp Blum '03 as photography editor. Layne Moffett '05 will serve as interim photography editor during Winter term.

Jon Hampton '05 will continue to serve as a sports editor, joined by a new co-editor, Mark Sweeney '05.

Katie Van Syckle '05 will continue her role as editor of the Dartmouth Mirror weekly pull-out section.

The Changeover ceremony also featured the annual distribution of student journalism awards and staff promotions. Kate Berry '06 received the freshman photographer award. Zachary Goldstein '06 and Jessica Spradling '06 received the freshman writer awards, and Sarah Betts '05 received the staff writer award.

Kaitlin Bell '05, Sarah Betts '05, Elise Dunphe '04, Megh Duwadi '05, Karla Kingsley '05, Matt Lewis '05 and Nathaniel Ward '05 were named The Dartmouth's news editors for 2003.

In addition, Daniel Gotkin '04, Kimmy Powell '04, Julie Fairchild '06, Sonia Simmons '06, Samantha Ceppos '06, Kate Berry '06, Chris Pitassy '06, Jessica Skolnick '06 and Thayer student Anthony D'Auria were promoted to the position of staff photographer.

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