Tim Mosso


Petroleum Propaganda

In his State of the Union address, President George Bush announced, "We have a serious problem: America is addicted to oil." Apparently, we were supposed to react to this revelation with astonishment.

Playing Into Iran's Hands

Iran's pursuit of nuclear technology has highlighted the venality, impotence and outright incompetence of the world's leading nations.

World Baseball Classic

Major League Baseball Commissioner Bud Selig's dream of a "World Baseball Classic" between competing national all-star teams may join the XFL and the Lingerie Bowl in the pantheon of laughably misbegotten sports promotions.

A Broken System

If "three strikes" were a universal rule, the United States' prison systems would be serving hard time.

Snafu at GM

Last Thursday, General Motors announced that it would pull its advertising from The Los Angeles Times.

Rekindling the Arms Race

The Bush Administration's decision to sell modern fighter jets to Pakistan demonstrates total contempt for history and dark designs for the future.

Driving Toward the Future

The time has come to revisit the concept of the electric car. The triple bind of energy dependence, global warming, and toxic emissions should draw the concern of all Americans.

The Right Man for the DNC

Last year at this time, the Democratic Party had a different set of goals, a different champion and a different race to win.

Moral Politicians?

Meet "moral values," the Republican Party's imaginary friend. They go everywhere together, especially in the red states.