Too Headstrong

by Matt Decker | 5/13/02 5:00am

To the Editor,

I must take issue with your May 9 front-page article entitled "Tucker's Lord alienates some student leaders." I believe that this article is an injustice to one of the most admirable administrators at this College. I exempt Tracy Landers from my criticisms; she does a fine job presenting an even-handed and honest look at Dean of the Tucker Foundation Stuart Lord and his role at the College. However, the headline is misleading, inaccurate and needlessly negative. For an article that covers both the various pros and cons of Dean Lord's "aggressive" nature, there is little hint of the positives in the headline. You do not print a main headline like "Clemens K's Eight" for a game that the Yankees lost 14-2. Furthermore, is Dean Lord really a "controversial figure on campus?" Do students complain about Lord's supposed alienation anywhere near as much as they do about the policies of, say, Dean Redman? I'm fairly sure we'd need all our fingers and some toes too to count all of the administrators that students dislike more than Dean Lord.

Tracy Landers' article is an interesting piece about an interesting man. However, used in The Dartmouth under such a headline, it is pointless and counter-productive. I'm not sure why it is necessary to cast the leader of the campus community service organization in such a negative light. I'm not sure why it is newsworthy.