Support for Mr. Rogers

by Larry Wiseman | 5/22/02 5:00am

To the Editor:

Regarding Anil Antony's May 16 column, "The Fred Rogers Folly," I would just say "Ouch!"

Poor Anil. He measures worth by the size of the headline, not the stature of the person. Obviously, he didn't pay attention to Mr. Rogers while he was growing up.

Like it or not, television is a big part of childhood (even when you're very small) and Fred Rogers has done more to make TV a better "neighborhood" for kids than just about anyone.

Years ago, I had the chance to do some work for Mr. Rogers Neighborhood. Spend just five minutes in his office or in the studio (or pay attention to his speech) and you'll learn what I did: that his understanding of his audience, command of his medium and ability to help even the youngest minds make sense of the world is truly astonishing.

Okay, Anil, you didn't like the train. But it's time to grow up now, and see what's behind the screen, not just what's on it.