It's All About the Music

by Stephanie Smith | 5/9/02 5:00am

To the Editor:

Why would you send a reviewer with a hostile approach to classical guitar to the Paul Galbraith concert? Chris Danford at a Galbraith concert makes as much sense as Dan Quayle at a spelling bee.

We older folks weren't dozing. Once we took in the visual novelty of Galbraith's playing, we focused on what the concert was really all about: the music. Craning our necks to see through the folks who were craning their necks became distracting, so why not close our eyes and listen to what the addition of two strings brings?

I was particularly amazed by the bass notes. Then I became so much more aware of the mid-range, given the addition of the higher string. Of course, Danford lacks both the musical knowledge and the passionate ear to interpret the contribution of those additional strings.

The assessment of "concert etiquette" and audience response is too silly for comment.

As a member of Jimi's generation, I have to say that Jimi Hendrix would have dug the concert, too. Real musicians listen to other real musicians and come away with something. It's all about the music.