In Support of Nike

by Joe DiMaria | 5/14/02 5:00am

To the Editor:

I would like to compliment Carolyn Wu's May 10 response "Nike Bounces Back" to the sweeping claims made against them at last month's "Starving for the Swoosh" presentation. Mr. Keady and Ms. Kretzu, who led that presentation, are nothing more than anti-capitalist authoritarians who would rather see people starve than work for what they see as "slave wages." The fact that the people of Indonesia and Vietnam continue to work for Nike, and even wait in line to do so, shows that they are not being exploited, that they overwhelmingly want these jobs. By touring college campuses to spread their message of anti-globalization (read: anti-westernism) they are spreading misinformation to already impressionable minds that are bombarded with bleeding-heart babble every day. The only path towards truth is responding as Nike does: that these third-world workers know what is best for them more than any government official or consumer activist ever can. Any other response to the situation reeks of elitism.