Getting To Know...

by Mark Sweeney | 5/17/02 5:00am

Following in the footsteps of such journalistic luminaries as Mike Wallace, Barbara Walters and Ed Bradley, The Dartmouth's Mark Sweeney catches up with the big names on campus and asks the questions that others have too much professionalism or integrity to ask. This week: Sweeney plays Canadian doubles with tennis superstars Jayme Ahmed '05 and Lisa Borowsky '05.

The Dartmouth: Who is your favorite professional tennis player, and why?

Lisa Borowsky: "Guga" (Gustavo Kuerten) because his goofy appearance -- ranging from the blue and yellow shoes he wore to the long curly mop he used to have for hair -- all reflect his laid back and friendly character, on and off the court. Not to mention his incredibly talented tennis game!

Jayme Ahmed: Mary Jo Fernandez has always been my favorite because she plays gracefully, emotionally speaking. Recently, I have not been as emotionally sound on the court as I would like to be. It would also be nice if I could play gracefully, physically. I tend to flail everywhere. It's not pretty.

The D: It is common knowledge that tennis fosters plenty of trash talking. What is the best piece of trash talking you've witnessed on the courts, or the best Irena Spirlea-esque bump you've seen on a changeover?

JA: The best trash talking that I have ever been at the brunt of has been in another language. I have, however, been given the finger several times by fellow junior opponents when we were 10 years old.

LB: There's not too much trash talk between opponents, but there is huge trash talk amongst teammates about opponents. The best I've seen is Jayme hitting a winner and then standing right at the net staring the girl down with the biggest smirk on her face, implying, "Take that!" Go Jayme!

The D: Whose game do you most admire: the deft touch of John McEnroe, the pounding ground strokes of Monica Seles, the never-say-die scrappiness of Michael Chang or the keen fashion sense of Anna Kournikova?

LB: None of the above. I'd have to say there's a tie between the old famous Sarita Yardi and Carly Bashleben, who have the deft touch of McEnroe, the pounding ground strokes of Seles, the never-say-die scrappiness of Chang and the keen fashion sense of Kournikova!

JA: Sarita Yardi's forehand volley gives me chills. And Anna Kournikova's fashion is nothing compared to Carly Bashleben in uniform.

The D: What is the best tennis accessory: Bjorn Borg's headband, Patrick Rafter's sunscreen, Arnaud Clement's bandanna or Gustavo Kuerten's hair?

JA: Clement's bandanna looks spiffy.

LB: Emma and Gustavo Kuerten's hair all the way.

The D: Sampras or Agassi?

JA: Agassi.

LB: Agassi -- his comebacks just always showed so much heart.

The D: Can I get a prediction on who will take home the Stanley Cup this year?

LB: Stanley Cup? I couldn't even tell you what sport that's for. But if I had to predict, perhaps the Khulmanns will take the title!

JA: That will be the Pittsburgh Penguins. Definitely.

The D: What is your favorite movie of all-time, excluding the obvious choice of "The Naked Gun?"

LB: Legends of the Fall.

JA: The Godfather. We were doubles partners. For a time.

The D: What is the music that you play to get yourself pumped up for a big match?

LB: It rotates between Cat Stevens and a classic rock mix.

JA: "The Lion King "soundtrack.