Women icers capt. says to enjoy your freedom

by Kim McCullough | 3/1/02 6:00am

We know you're out there. We heard all about you -- the many students that are secret hockey fans who turned out in droves for the men's games last weekend. You all came out of the woodwork for the men's final home game of the regular season. Now it's our turn.

Rumor has it that close to 900 of you showed up at Thompson Arena for games this past weekend. Maybe you knew that the Ivy League title was on the line. Or maybe you simply heard that it would be great hockey. You showed your support for a team when they needed it most -- a wonderful display of school spirit.

I understand that this is the last weekend of freedom before we must all buckle down, become slaves to our books and set up camp in Berry. It is our last weekend to enjoy the lovely winter weather. Perhaps you plan to go skiing, watch a few movies or just catch up on sleep before the wonderful world of finals becomes a painful reality.

I have just one small request. Come to a women's hockey game this weekend. Your reasons for wanting to come are as good as ever. These are our two biggest games of the season. They are the senior class' final regular-season home games.

It is a double-header against the team from St. Lawrence that ruined our hopes of winning the NCAA championship a year ago. A team that we tied in December in a back-and-forth game between extremely closely matched squads.

We are fighting for the ECAC regular season title. We are fighting for the No. 1 seed in the ECAC tournament. We are fighting for a bid in the NCAA tournament. We are playing our best hockey of the season. I guarantee that it will be great hockey. We do command performances -- the bigger the crowd, the better we'll play.

Our playoffs are next weekend, and we will once again be playing in the comfy confines of Thompson Arena. But since you are all conscientious students, you will surely be studying away, preparing for finals. So this is really your last chance to watch us this year. It is sad, but true. And all I ask is that you show up for a game or two. We play Friday at 7 p.m. and Saturday at 4 p.m. I hope to see you there.

Kim McCullough '02 is co-captain of the defending ECAC champion Dartmouth women's ice hockey team.