In Shock

| 3/6/02 6:00am

To the Editor:

In The Dartmouth I have never seen such a singling-out of a member of the community for humor's purpose as was contained in the March 4 "Zooperville" comic strip. It was unnecessarily cruel to Emily Lewis and to the friends and family who care about and love her. It also made fun of the highly commendable compassion which many of the studio art majors have expressed, even under the duress of terrible loss. Furthermore it is offensive to anyone who suffers from mental illness and all who care about people who suffer from mental illness. This is no small population at Dartmouth. You write in a note at the bottom of the page about the decision to publish a comic strip: "The decision must be based on the author's ability to present a coherent piece that adequately addresses the complexities of its subject matter." In my opinion this comic strip did not adequately deal with the complexities of the issues it covered and only went for a cruel laugh at an individual.