Certainly Not Comic

by Jared Knote | 2/25/02 6:00am

To the Editor:

Though it may fairly prudently balance news reports, The Dartmouth's publication of Michael Weiss' "Zooperville" in the Feb. 17 edition of The Dartmouth did much to destroy the editorial credibility of the paper. I rebuke the editors' dealings with Monday's painfully off-color "Zooperville." The publication of this abhorrent (not to mention humorless) "funny" exacerbates what is already epidemic: homophobia.

After it served as the forum for so much productive discussion about stereotypes and diversity vis--vis recent op-eds, The Dartmouth's the abandon in printing this base comic astonished me.

Weiss' fabrication of this comic demonstrates that our Dartmouth community as with society at large has a long road to human understanding and appreciation.