Pick A Side

by Padraic Malinowski | 10/26/01 5:00am

To the Editor:

Back on Oct. 8, in a column in "The D," while attempting to discredit the protesters who oppose U.S. military action against the perpetrators of terrorist acts, Brian Nick '03 remarked: "If, however, we choose to be counted among the Americans who love their country and the people who fight for it, we will find that supporting the armed forces and our Commander in Chief is far more important and rewarding than empty, self-serving intellectualism." However, in his very next column, in the course of criticizing members of Congress for voting as a united front rather than voting their consciences, he noted, "The truth is that we need a diversity of opinion in this country." By espousing both sides of the freedom of speech argument within two columns, Mr. Nick has shown that apparently it only takes one person to create a diversity of opinion. In that sense, Mr. Nick has given us exactly what we need! Now, can he please tell us which of those incompatible positions he really espouses?

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