Man harasses female joggers

by Tara Kyle | 10/31/01 6:00am

The Hanover Police Department and Dartmouth's Safety and Security have put the community on alert after three undergraduate women were approached by a strange male.

In separate incidents on Oct. 20 and Oct. 28, two female students described an unknown man following them home. The first incident occurred near the Hopkins Center; the second in the vicinity of Foley House and West Street.

Additionally, a man reportedly exposed himself to a student jogging through Norwich, Vt., in the early afternoon on Oct. 27.

The individual in the West Street case is described in a Safety and Security "Crime Alert" posted throughout campus as a short-haired, stocky 30-year-old male clad in a dark Carhartt jacket.

The Crime Alert's depiction of the perpetrator in the exposure contains a few similarities: the male is listed as "six feet tall, 180 pounds, camouflage pants, tan 'Carhartt'-like vest and a button-down shirt."

"There's not really much to go on," Hanover Police Chief Nick Giaccone said of the investigation into these incidents. He asked anyone with information to contact the Department.

Giaccone said that similar occurrences should be reported immediately, rather than "six, eight or 10 hours later."

With regards to what students should do to protect themselves in such situations, both Giaccone and Safety and Security Sergeant Rebel Roberts suggested that they move towards well-lit and populated areas. If possible, students should head for one of the blue phones on campus.

"Sometimes people override their instincts," Roberts said, stressing that students should always feel comfortable calling for help immediately if a situation does not seem right.

"It's still kind of unsettling to see females jogging alone ... especially with it getting darker," Giaccone said, but he added that the downtown area is generally very safe at any time of day.

Giaccone could only recall one serious assault in the last few years that involved a perpetrator the victim did not know.

In response to whether or not the College aims to step up campus security following these reports, Roberts noted that all three incidents occurred off campus, and Safety and Security is always available to check out student calls.

Roberts also reiterated that there is an escort service available to take students to and from the River and A-lot between dusk and dawn.

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