GLC suggests weekly monitoring

by Will Meland | 7/9/01 5:00am

In a continuing dialogue between the Greek Leaders Council and the Office of Residential Life concerning the new College policy allowing unannounced security checks of all coed, fraternity, sorority houses and undergraduate societies, the GLC plans to propose today that Safety and Security "walk-throughs" are scheduled and occur only once a week.

Greek leaders hope that their proposal will build on previous proposals and talks with administrators and lead to the forging of a compromise agreeable to all parties.

According to Panhellenic Council President Allison Sydlaske, since ORL announced the new policy unexpectedly at the beginning of the summer, members of the GLC have been encouraged by administrators to voice their opinions, and such encouragement and conversations take shape in the proposal.

Without asking for a total reprieve of the new policy, the GLC's most recent proposal asks to "formulate a system of scheduled walk throughs," according to Patrick Granfield '03, summer president of Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity.

This is the second proposal the GLC has presented to ORL. Just last week, Greek leaders submitted a proposal requesting that individual houses be allowed to take more responsibility for the maintainance of fire and other safety concerns, in theory eliminating the need for Safety and Security's frequent and unannounced security checks.

"[This proposal] expands on our last proposal -- instead of having walk-throughs, to have the responsibility of safety checks in the hands of students -- we expand on that to include the administration through S&S officers. But [today's proposal] still emphasizes student responsibility," Sydlaske said.

ORL officials have not yet given any formal response to the GLC's first proposal. Assistant Deans of Residential Life Deborah Carney and Cassie Barnhardt were unavailable for comment yesterday.

Although much discussion has already taken place on this issue, several Greek leaders commented that the dialogue has not been as forthright as it could be.

"We would like [administrators] to specify whether this is intended to be a major cultural change or whether it is truly for the health and safety of our physical plants," Granfield commented.

"No one -- [including] Greek leaders -- has been straightforward" about the real intent of walk through inspections, Summer Student Assembly Chair Michael Perry '03 noted.

In addition to the GLC, the Assembly has also been involved in the dialogue, and has actively solicited feedback and suggestions from the general student population.

The Assmebly submitted those suggestions to ORL last Thursday, according to Perry.

Student leaders expect the ongoing dialogue will eventually lead to a compromise allowing some walk-throughs in CFS houses and undergraduate societies by College officials.

"Hopefully since [the administration] backed off, we can get a better finish after a pretty terrible start," Perry said. He added that he expects the eventual outcome to be "more than one" inspection per week.