SA works to improve Kresge gym

by Kelly Cameron | 5/21/01 5:00am

Dean of the College James Larimore responded to the Student Assembly's recent resolution to improve Kresge Fitness Center by allocating an additional $8,000 toward its improvement.

An additional $4,000 will be allocated toward the repair, maintenance and purchasing of new equipment on top of the annual budget of $10,000 intended for that purpose. Furthermore, another $4,000 will provide extended hours of operation for the fitness center.

According to Student Body President-elect Molly Stutzman '02, the Assembly is particularly pleased with the additional funding because it is proof of the Assembly's efficacy.

"It wouldn't have happened without SA because it is in direct response to what we did in the winter," she pointed out.

This past winter the Assembly's Student Life Committee passed a resolution to allocate $3,700 for the purchase of a new elliptical machine in addition to asking the College to increase the "woefully inadequate" budget and to increase the space within the facility.

"People have thought for a long time that the equipment is inadequate and the space is not enough," Stutzman said.

Larimore said he viewed the timing of the resolution as fortuitous.

"It came at a time when I was also engaged in discussion with the director of athletics," he explained.

Furthermore, Larimore noted that it was the dedication of the Assembly to the issue that encouraged the College to make changes.

Although the Assembly's resolution recognized that the College plans to build a new fitness center in the next five to 10 years, it urged the College to also address the needs of students today.

Stutzman concluded, "We're really excited about it ... [the College] responded because they heard that it was a need."

The near future now means "Kresge will be open more and will have more money so equipment can be purchased more frequently and more can be purchased," Stutzman said.

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