by Molly Stutzman | 5/29/01 5:00am

Have you ever had an idea about how to improve life at Dartmouth? Nothing huge, just something that would make students' day to day lives here a bit easier. Maybe you've wished that there was a blitz computer in Sanborn, DA$H on soda vending machines or online PE registration (which will actually be put into place this summer).

One of Student Assembly's traditional hallmarks over the past few years has been its student services. It's not all we do, but we hear time and again from students who are psyched that we provide Mugshots, Blitz computers around campus, and discounted bus fares to New York and Boston at the beginning and end of winter and spring break. And usually the best services come from suggestions from other students: the Uh-Oh reminder blitzes, a Student Organizations handbook that contains information on all the student organizations around campus, an Eats Plus Dining Guide with information on local restaurants and shops.

We want to think more creatively about student services, though. We want to bring in new ideas as well as continue with the services Student Assembly has traditionally provided for the campus. Michael Newton '04, next year's Student Body Vice President, and I want to give our current Student Services committee and its chair more power and autonomy so that it can better serve the needs of the student body. And here's where you come in.

We are looking for next year's Student Services Chair. As chair, you'll have your own budget. You'll have the freedom and flexibility to see a problem and fix it as quickly as you want. You'll get to work with SA members interested in student services and anyone else that you want to make members of the Student Services Board. As chair, you will also be a part of Student Assembly's executive committee, the group that leads SA and helps set its agenda for the year.

It's an important position, and it's important to us that we find the right person.We've found that many times the best way to get fresh perspective and new ideas on the Assembly is to bring in someone new, to involve someone who hasn't been involved much (if at all) with the Assembly in the past. That's what Michael and I are looking to do. We want a Student Services chair from anywhere on campus. Never been involved with the Assembly before? Perfect. We're excited to talk with you and learn what you would want to do as Student Services chair next year.

Once we've met with everyone who is interested, Michael and I will make a decision about who we think should chair Student Services next year as well as be a part of SA's executive committee. We will appoint the person we've chosen in the fall, to be confirmed by the general Assembly. And then we can take everything from there.So please email me or Michael if you're interested. We look forward to meeting you!