In Defense Of Furstenberg

by Heather McDaniel | 5/21/01 5:00am

To the Editor:

We write to give you another view of the Dartmouth Admissions Office, one that is contradictory to those expressed by anonymous sources in your May 17th article (The Dartmouth, "Admissions Office faced mass exit") about the Dartmouth Admissions Office.

During our years of employment in the Admissions Office, we were privileged to work for and with Dean of Admissions Karl Furstenberg. Dean Furstenberg supported the professional development of each of us as well as that of our colleagues. He strove to provide people with opportunities to display their talents and abilities and was, and continues to be, committed to fairness, equity and diversity. His consistent decision-making was always based on the contributions each staff member made to positively advancing the mission and work of the Office.

We are confident in our belief that admissions officers were neither granted nor denied promotions based on race. We find it disappointing and regrettable that those who would accuse him of acting otherwise did not have the courage or integrity to reveal themselves in this article.