A Commitment to Diversity

by Karl Furstenberg | 5/25/01 5:00am

To The Editor:

Over the past week there have been several serious allegations made in The Dartmouth concerning my management of the Admissions Office. Last year, a number of staff, many of them persons of color, left my office. This concerned me a great deal and with College Provost Susan Prager I asked Christine Chevalier, associate vice president for Human Resources, to do a number of interviews with the staff who had left as well as with some members of the current staff. I learned a great deal from this process and as a result have made a number of structural changes to the office. I deeply regret that any member of my staff felt in any way undervalued. Diversity is a very high priority for me and for Dartmouth. I have dedicated my career to increasing the diversity of the institutions I have served as well as that of my office.

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