Top-ranked sailors win Horn Trophy at Harvard

by Jessica Leinwand | 11/8/00 6:00am

The Dartmouth sailing team, ranked number one in the nation, had another outstanding weekend, winning the Horn Trophy at Harvard University.

Ten sailors made up the team, winning the four-division, nine-team regatta after completing 10 races in each division. Dartmouth sailors came in first in three of the four divisions.

Erin Maxwell '01, Cindy Keppel '02, and Amanda Dwelley '03 completed the A division with 21 points. Scott Hogan '04 and Amory Loring '04 finished third in the B division with 32 points.

"It is a regatta designed to have a lot of classes, and it's unfortunate that the weather didn't suit the regatta very well," Loring said.

Hogan added, "sailing on the Charles River makes for some difficult racing due to the shifty conditions, but we managed to stay consistently in the top of the fleet. We sailed real well as a team."

In the C division, Thalia Pascalidies '03 and Esther Freeman '01 finished first with 22 points. Teddy Rave '01, James Parker '02 and Meredith McGuire '02 were the low-point team for the regatta, and led the Big Green to victory with only 20 points in 10 races in the D division.

Jen Morgan '02 finished fifth place at the ICSA Singlehanded National Championships at the Mt. Baker Rowing Club and Sailing Center in Seattle, Washington. Morgan is a two-time All-American sailor.

Each of the women competing in this regatta had to qualify as one of the best of their region. Morgan finished with 100 points, only 19 points behind Margaret Hill, the leader from Harvard in a close regatta.

The sailing team looks forward to the Atlantic Coast Championship this coming weekend. Selected freshmen will go to St. Mary City, Maryland, to compete against 16 other schools, while the coed varsity team will go to Kings Point Academy. The women's team will sail at Harvard.

The teams competing include the best schools from Florida to Maine. The team has a shot at winning all of the championships. Last year, the coed team won this regatta, and the women placed third.

Sailing Coach Brian Courtland Doyle said, " We had a great season. We're ranked first in the country. We have to hold on for this last set of championships, and we look forward to the spring season."