by The Dartmouth Editorial Board | 11/10/00 6:00am

Waiting Patiently

A swift resolution in one of the closest elections in history is not the answer for this country. America should instead wait with patience until the winner, elected by the people, can be declared.

That cannot happen until every vote cast by a Florida resident has been counted, for the first time in the case of oversees voters, and a second time for others in the state.

While this may seem like an agonizing process for the nation to endure, it is of utmost importance that each ballot cast in Florida be carefully counted. The election of a United States president is the most crucial decision the country can make. For this reason, the recount in Florida must not be rushed; the outcome must be clear.

But once the Florida recount concludes, the man who is not declared the victor should congratulate the winner and stand behind him.

Although many voters in Palm Beach County claim their ballots were confusing and are concerned they may not have chosen the person they intended to vote for, the votes -- as they cast them -- must stand.

The election process is not a perfect one, and there is little doubt that the Palm Beach ballot was confusing for voters. It was, however, officially approved by both parties before residents headed to the polls on Tuesday, and as such must be treated as the official ballot.

To allow a revote would be unfair, unofficial and likely inaccurate. No one could expect that voters would vote the same way in a re-vote as they intended on Tuesday, knowing that a presidency rested on their shoulders.

Litigation should be kept out of the proceedings and picking a president should be left to the people.

Making an Education Decision

The education department's search for new faculty members raises two key issues -- the direction this department should take and student involvement in determining that direction.

The College must strengthen the programs already in place while expanding on the theoretical side of education. Although Dartmouth is a liberal arts college and the emphasis is on theory rather than pre-professional training, the truth is that many departments already train their majors for specific careers. Engineering majors, for example, clearly intend to become engineers. The teacher prep program is a valuable experience that should not be neglected to improve on a perceived weakness. The department should strive to develop both the theoretical and the practical elements of education.

The education department must also formalize an institution for involving student feedback, whether a new faculty member is being chosen or courses are being evaluated. Student feedback should be actively sought and considered -- especially since this is a department that has always relied on student support and enthusiasm. By not limiting its growth and by including students in the improvement of the department, the study of education will establish itself as a vital part of the liberal arts experience.