An apology

by Sam Means | 10/16/00 5:00am

I would like to formally apologize for several errors that appeared in

yesterday's column, titled "High Praise for a New Yorker Cartoonist."

The reference that the cartoon was making, I learned from several astute readers, was not to James Bond at all, but to Bjork.

James Bond was not related to the cartoon in any way. He was not even a private detective, as I implied, but was actually an infamous "naked cowboy" of the old west. Some insist that he was the one that killed Jesse James, and celebrated afterwards by doing a little naked dance.

Terry Southern did not write the James Bond novels. It was, of course, Exxon. Also, I was mistaken in my claim that John Denver died of a stroke while soliciting a transvestite undercover police officer. He is alive and well, composing the score for the new Disney live-action film, "Cool School."

And finally, Northrop Frye is, in fact, related to Soleil Moon Frye. I'm

terribly sorry for all the confusion I caused. I will be sure to research my next column much more carefully.

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