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February 25, 2024 | Latest Issue
The Dartmouth

Carnival theme to stress traditions

The Winter Carnival Council is already planning for this winter's big weekend and has selected the theme "Lest the Cold Traditions Fail" for the event set to begin February 10.

Co-chair of the council Andy Louis '00 said the theme is intended to be a look back at past Winter Carnivals. He added that when the theme was suggested it quickly became popular among members of the Carnival Council.

Council members indicated that the theme was chosen for a wide variety of reasons, including the upcoming turn of the century.

Louis said that the reappearance of the practice of shouting the line "lest the old traditions fail" in the College's alma mater may also have played a part in the decision.

The line was chanted by members of the Greek system during last year's Winter Carnival's opening ceremonies, shortly after the Board of Trustees announced their Five Principles that alluded to the end of single-sex fraternities and sororities at the College.

In keeping with the retrospective theme, organizers are hoping to reinstitute some "Carnival traditions that have fallen by the wayside," said co-chair of the council Ben Moor '00, something that he and Louis had discussed in the past when they helped plan the event.

"We're hoping to bring back some of the events that happened over Carnival weekend that don't happen anymore," Louis said.

The Council is considering reviving such events as the toboggan slide at Memorial Stadium that was popular during the 1960s.

Also under consideration are plans to include a fireworks show in this year's program, though Moor indicated that organizing such an event may be too difficult.

Traditional events such as the polar bear swim at Occum Pond, as well as the snow sculpture and dog sled race on the Green will remain highlights of the weekend. Psi Upsilon fraternity will also hold its annual keg jump.

The Council is also making plans to hold a party at Occum Pond in conjunction with the Hanover Department of Recreation. The party, which will occur on Saturday night, has been a feature of Winter Carnival for the past few years.

Organizers are just beginning to address the design for the snow sculpture. Unlike many past Carnival themes, this year's does not offer any obvious images from which to work.

When the Council does choose the design, it will most likely reflect both old and new traditions at Dartmouth, Moor said.

Both co-chairs emphasized that all plans for the Carnival are still in the early stages of planning. Moor said plans for the event tend to come together in a "piecemeal" fashion as the Carnival weekend approaches.

Membership on the Winter Carnival Council is open, and new participants are welcome, Louis said.

All Dartmouth undergraduates will also have the opportunity to participate in a competition to design the official Carnival poster and T-shirt.

Information on entering the contest will be released in the next several days. Finalized entries will be due the first Tuesday of Winter Term.