Assembly earmarks programming funds

by Brad Russo | 11/18/98 6:00am

After a lengthy debate at its meeting last night the Student Assembly voted to earmark $1,000 in each of the next two terms for events the Assembly chooses to co-sponsor with other campus organizations.

The resolution instructs the Assembly's Student Organizations Committee to select one event from the applicants received by student groups each term to refer to the general Assembly.

It is directed that special emphasis will be given to events which involve more than one student group and attract a large segment of the campus community.

Much of the debate focused on whether this resolution would tie up $2,000 of the Assembly's funds and if these fund allocations would actually increase multi-group events.

"I'm not a big fan of the 'if you build it they will come' philosophy," Assembly member Teresa Knoedler '00 said.

Also voiced was a concern that co-sponsorship might politicize Assembly support for organizations and destroy support for the Assembly from organizations rejected for the funds.

Other members felt the resolution would allow more events to occur on campus and increase the Assembly's presence and support from other organizations.

Assembly co-sponsorship has been a topic of heated division on the Assembly in recent years. No official policy exists on this matter, and some members believe the Assembly should not allocate money to non-Assembly events.

The final vote on last night's resolution was 27 in favor and 8 opposed.