Unions Make it Difficult for Dartmouth Dining Services to Effectively Serve Students

by Juan Carlos Serna | 5/19/98 5:00am

To the Editor:

There are things in this world that I will never understand. I was at Food Court Sunday night and they were out of chocolate milk. I asked the manager if they had some more in the back. She said, "Maybe, but I don't have anyone to go get it right now." Fair enough, I thought.

So I went back to the grill line and waited for my tuna melt. While waiting in line I couldn't help but notice that the manager and the line employee she was talking didn't do anything but talk to each other for the entire time it took them to make my tuna melt.

Curiosity getting the best of me, I asked the manager why she couldn't have gone and checked on the milk. She explained to me that that was a union job, and she wasn't allowed to perform a union job.

Maybe once I understand why she couldn't get my milk, I'll understand why Dartmouth Dining Services can't turn a profit.