Burke will take over as senior associate dean

by Joseph C. Scott | 5/5/98 5:00am

Katherine Burke will become the acting senior associate dean of the College, current Senior Associate Dean of the College Dan Nelson announced yesterday.

Burke, presently assistant dean of the College and a dean of the Class of 1999, will take over on July 1, when Nelson becomes acting dean of the College to replace Lee Pelton.

Pelton will be leaving Dartmouth to assume the presidency of Willamette University in Salem, Ore.

"I'm really excited to continue to work with my colleagues in the Dean of the College Office," Burke said.

She said she will continue in her duties as co-dean of the Class of 1999 until the end of the year.

"She is really familiar with the dean of the College area in general," Nelson said. "She has been a class dean for a number of years and she just has a terrific sense of rapport in working with her student, administrative and faculty colleagues."

Nelson said Burke's experience as a former judicial affairs officer at the College also makes her qualified to handle her disciplinary responsibilities.

As acting senior associate dean of the College, Burke will oversee the upperclass dean's office, Academic Skills Center, Career Services, Safety and Security, International Office and the Native American Program.

Burke will have to work with Sylvia Langford, a co-dean of the Class of 1999, to name a person to fill in for her while she is serving as the senior associate dean.

Burke first came to the College in 1987 as assistant College counsel. She has served as assistant dean of the College since 1992.

In addition to being one of the two deans of the 1999 class, Burke also served as one of the deans for both the Class of 1993 and the Class of 1996.