Multiple Minors Option Will Not 'Limit' Students

by Anne Kanyusik | 11/21/97 6:00am

To the Editor:

I would like to clarify the statements made about the new policy regarding the total number of majors and minors a student may pursue at Dartmouth. Following the recent faculty vote, students will be allowed to declare a total of three majors and minors. This will allow students to pursue two minors, giving us more flexibility than the previous policy which states, "Only one minor is allowed for any student."

Your statement that this "limits the total number of majors and minors a student can declare to three" is blatantly misleading. On the contrary, this initiative gives students more options. The only way it is limiting is in the event that a student wished to receive credit for more than three majors, which is highly unlikely, perhaps even impossible, given the new distributive requirements. This initiative is the work of the members of the 1996-1997 Student Assembly Committee on Academic Affairs, particularly Dave Gacioch '00. To misrepresent their work on behalf of students in the manner it was presented your November 18 issue both misinforms the student body about this important policy change and fails to present accurate information about these students' dedication to and motivations for this initiative.