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June 21, 2024 | Latest Issue
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Seniors get gifts too

As four years at Dartmouth draw to a close, many graduating students take time to reflect on what they have learned during their days in college and look forward to Commencement and what the future holds.

But many of their minds are focused on one glittering prize, the reward that makes all their effort worthwhile: graduation presents.

The gifts being received by the Class of 1997 are as varied as the class itself.

One popular gift for parentsto give graduates is a vacation. Senior Russell Young's present is a trip to Illinois to meet his girlfriend's parents, while Craig Allen '97's folks paid for a spring break road trip.

Other parents are giving more traditional gifts. Brian Hickey '97 received a class ring. There are bigger presents, too -- Senior Jake O'Shea's parents will help him lease a car.

Besides parents, there are other sources from which '97s have received gifts. One senior said he received $1,000 from his grandparents.

Lisa Prunty '97 did not wait for her relatives to send her gifts: she bought some herself.

"So far, I've bought myself a t-shirt from the Co-op ... and a letter opener. I figured it's time I open letters neatly as a businesswoman would," Prunty wrote in an e-mail message.

Some students feel they have received enough from their parents in the form of four years of Dartmouth's steep tuition.

Catherine Prest '97 wrote in an e-mail message she was "still recovering from giving all of [her] parents' money to Dartmouth."

Padraic Malinowski '97 noticed a correlation between graduation announcements and gifts: those who send the former early often receive the latter.

"A friend of mine who sent his announcements out several weeks ago has gotten checks from relatives," Malinowksi said.