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April 16, 2024 | Latest Issue
The Dartmouth

COS Cases Confidential

To the Editor,

I am glad the story on student concern about the Committee On Standards ruling made the front page of the D (Oct. 28), but I feel obligated to clarify one point. In my attempts to change some of the process for the better I do not want to perpetuate misconceptions about the COS. The article read: "Levtov said although she now knows the circumstances behind the particular sexual abuse case ... "

This seems to imply that I have somehow been privy to some secret information that no one else knows, which is an alarming thought for many students who are already skeptical about COS. I want to clarify that the material in any COS case is completely confidential, and the anonymity of students and the case particulars are protected in any disclosures about cases. What I know about the circumstances are the same facts Dean Pelton told The D, and I would not want the article to give the wrong impression.