CFSC Column Deserves Respect Given to Any Opinion

by Marc Sikkes | 11/27/96 6:00am

To the Editor:

I'd like to respond to Sarah Johnston's letter in Monday's Dartmouth. I feel that the CFSC Opinion column is no more "interest group propaganda" than the frequent columns that attack the Greek system. Furthermore, it does not claim to "represent thousands of people." It is not THE opinion of the CFSC. There is no unified single opinion in the CFSC. Contrary to popular belief, the views of those within the Greek system are just as diverse as those outside of it. The column provides an opinion on certain Greek issues from someone intimately acquainted with the system.

Despite the fact that more than half of the student body belongs to a Greek house, the Greek system is widely misunderstood. Unaffiliated Dartmouth students don't seem to understand what it is that consistently draws people to Greek houses. The CFSC column attempts to clear up some of the misinformation about the Greeks, but Johnston can't seem to get past the fact it was written by a Greek. I like to think that Dartmouth students leave such petty, judgmental attitudes behind in high school, but apparently I'm wrong. If Johnston disagrees with the content of the column, she should feel free to write in and criticize it, but she should not question the validity of the column itself. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and The Dartmouth is a good forum for these opinions. Johnston will be making an important step toward intellectual maturity when she is able to grant the CFSC column this respect.