DDS worker files complaint with OSHA

by David Pichler | 7/23/96 5:00am

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration is investigating Dartmouth Dining Services after an employee complained working conditions in the kitchen and behind the grill in Thayer Dining Hall are too hot.

The Concord Area Director of OSHA, Paul O'Connell, said the investigation involves collecting temperature and humidity measurements and comparing them to a federal standard, O'Connell said.

Data collection took place Thursday and Friday and analysis should finish by the end of the week.

OSHA will reveal the results of the investigation to DDS management at a closed meeting, News Service Public Information Manager Rick Adams said.

Adams and DDS Director Pete Napolitano said they cannot yet comment on the investigation.

O'Connell said he does not expect DDS to be sanctioned.

"From a quick glance of the information, it doesn't look so bad," he said.

Although OSHA can fine non-compliant institutions up to $70,000, O'Connell said he expects only to "send them a letter with some suggestions" about ways to lower the temperature.

Union 560 Local President Earl Sweet, who represents all DDS employees, said the union was not involved in the complaint, and that he does not know of any problems with excessive temperatures at Thayer.

"They're taking every precaution as far as the Union can see."

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