Assembly may publish upperclass facebook

by Jacqueline Rose | 7/25/96 5:00am

The Student Assembly is working on promoting student services this summer, beginning by resurrecting the Over the Hill upperclass facebook.

The Over the Hill was not distributed last term because the alumnus who published it decided not to continue the relationship he had established with the dean's office, and there was insufficient time before the beginning of Fall term to find another producer to organize and publish such a publication, said Vice-President elect Chris Swift, who is in charge of the Over the Hill this fall.

The Assembly "decided to bring this back because an upperclass facebook is a valuable service for students and administrators alike," Swift said. "Its also especially useful for introducing new freshman to their older peers at the college."

Swift said the Student Services committee under Student Assembly Vice President Simone Swink '98 has been looking into the upperclass face book project since this winter.

After several months of looking at the best way to take on this project and working out some commonly held concerns with the administration, we're ready to go, Swift said.

The book will have all the same information as the old Over the Hill, but will be an Assembly publication, will not include advertising and hopefully will be offered to students at a significantly lower cost than before. We're very excited about the project, Swift said.

Assembly Summer President Ben Hill '98 said a community calendar should also be ready by the fall.

Hill said the Assembly will also take over the publication of Voces Scribentes, a publication which is distributed to freshmen as they commence their Dartmouth Outing Club freshman trips each fall.

In a meeting with Dean of Residential Life Mary Turco last week, Student Assembly Summer Vice President Simone Swink '98, Sophie Delano '98 and Hill agreed to take over the publication.

The Assembly has also been working on repairing public BlitzMail computers and installing additional ones.

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