300 families will attend '98 weekend

by David Kung | 7/25/96 5:00am

The families of about 300 sophomores will cruise into Hanover for 1998 Family Weekend, parents' last official College function before Commencement.

"The numbers are still coming in," 1998 Class President Randi Barnes said. "There are 900 people registered [from] 300" students families.

Three hundred families is a good turnout considering how far away some parents live, Barnes said.

The weekend, which Barnes says will have "something for everyone," will include "activities for parents who are athletic, intellectual and those that are a little bit of both."

There will be faculty lectures, 8 a.m. drill on Saturday, early morning walks, a barbecue and picnic as well as a saloon night.

"Perennial favorites are the language drill, as are faculty seminars and the pancake paddle at the Ledyard Canoe Club," Student Activities Director Linda Kennedy said.

This year there are several new activities planned, Kennedy said.

"There is a tour of the organic farm which is new as well as the run and swim in the river," she said.

The morning talk to the parents will be given by Director of Career Services Skip Sturman, she said.

"Usually the morning address to the parents is given by the Class Dean, but this year [Class of 1998 Dean Lisa Thum] is in the last month of her pregnancy," Kennedy said.

Thum will be at the address Saturday morning to introduce Sturman and to answer questions, Kennedy said.

"We thought that just in case she was in labor, we should have another speaker," Kennedy said.

Kennedy said her office plans the weekend in conjunction with the class council

"The class brainstorms what they think would be fun and interesting for their parents," she said. "We try to put together a schedule to see what is workable."

"Members of the class council are there for registration, to take tickets, to direct people and to generally help out," Barnes said.

"We want our parents to get an idea of what a typical summer is like," Barnes said.

The activities are important for the sophomore class, Barnes said.

"By now we are settled and have a Dartmouth life together," she added. "We want to take a look at that and get an idea of what the Class of '98 is like."

All the activities and planning is ready, Barnes said.

"We are prepared and it should be a fun weekend," she said.

Some families will be unable to attend because they live so far from the College.

Jun Shen '98, who is from China, said her parents "wanted to, but can't."

"They couldn't afford the trip," she said. "I asked the financial aid office and some other offices and nobody could help me."

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