Numbers from the graduating '96 class

by Neeta Raghavan | 6/9/96 5:00am

The members of the senior class will walk across the platform to receive their diplomas only once. But they made about 720 trips each to their Hinman boxes to check their mail.

The 595 men and 483 women of the Class of 1996 are an interesting bunch, no matter what numbers you consult.

About 25 percent of them will be in graduate or professional school next year, Kathryn Hutchins, former director of Career Services, told The Dartmouth in a previous interview.

About 75 percent will go to graduate or professional school at some point in their lives.

The most popular careers for graduates are in consulting, investment banking and education, Director of Career Services Skip Sturman said.

Eighty-six members of the class are children of alumni, and 450 of them received financial aid, according to admissions office statistics.

Almost 150 graduates were high school valedictorians, and 70 were salutatorians. Their mean verbal SAT score was 689 and their mean math SAT score was 687.

At the beginning of Spring term, 61 seniors had not completed Dartmouth's physical education requirement, Physical Education Administrative Asisstant Rhonda Martin said.

According to the Dartmouth Outing Club's 1992-1993 annual report, 981 members of the graduating class went on a freshman trip with the club.

The most popular majors for the Class of 1996 are government and history, Associate Registrar Nancy Broadhead said. About 130 graduates will leave with a double major.

More than 500 graduates studied abroad and 44 of them took a transfer term at another college.

The most popular programs abroad for the Class of 1996 were the Kenya environmental studies' program, the Costa Rica and Jamaica biology programs, the Florence, Italy art history program and the London government program.