Societies tap members

by Jeffrey Beyer | 2/23/95 6:00am

The College's six senior societies tapped and inducted new members this weekend.

Phoenix and Cobra are the secret women's societies, and the secret men's societies are Sphinx and Dragon.

The College also has two open coed senior societies -- Casque and Gauntlet and Fire and Skoal.

Members of senior societies nominate or "tap" members of the junior class for entrance into the society. Prospective members cannot apply.

The tapping process usually takes place either the weekend of or the weekend following Winter Carnival, according to Jeff Sassorossi '75, the treasurer of the Sphinx corporation.

Sassorossi said the main criteria Sphinx used to select its new members was community leadership.

Hosea Harvey '95, the programming co-chair of Fire and Skoal, said his society looked for members who would "actively contribute to the organization" and people who "want to get the most out of the Dartmouth experience."

According to Harvey, Fire and Skoal tapped between 30 and 35 new members.

Kaja Schuppert '95, acting president of Casque and Gauntlet, said the organization added 24 new members this year.

Leaders of the other three organizations could not be reached for comment.