Assembly elects Honovich

by Jack Vaitayanonta | 1/11/95 6:00am

Student Assembly Secretary John Honovich '97, an 18-year old economics and government major from Brooklyn, N.Y., was elected vice-president of the Assembly in a run-off internal election over three other candidates last night.

After three attempts, the general Assembly voted 21-15 in favor of Honovich over Jesse Russell '96, last year's Summer term Assembly vice-president, in a closed-ballot election.

Honovich, whose disagreements with former Assembly President Danielle Moore '95 were a factor in Moore's resignation, promised an end to political bickering.

"I think we've settled a lot of things," Honovich said. "I think we need to be friends, to work together. It'll help facilitate the interaction between us and among the Assembly."

Assembly President Rukmini Sichitiu '95 said she was concerned about having Honovich as her vice president.

"In light of the events that transpired last term, I'm worried some of the behavior that occurred will be repeated," Sichitiu said. "However, I'm hopeful that John is sincere regarding how he is not here to obstruct the Assembly."

"I was elected by a student mandate and although my ideas may not jive with those of this particular body at this particular time, it is important to remember that those were the ideas that I campaigned on," Sichitiu said. "That vision will not be obstructed and will not be hindered."

Since the Assembly's election required not only a plurality but a majority of the vote, the other two candidates, Class of 1998 Vice President Tom Franks and Assembly spokesman Brandon del Pozo '96 were dropped until Honovich's majority was achieved.

"[Honovich] has indeed set many goals for the Assembly and I hope we can all achieve them, though it is awkward to see John move up in rank due to a resignation he himself precipitated," del Pozo said.

In his campaign speech, Honovich said people should vote for him because of his one-and-a-half year committment to the Assembly, during which he served on various committees and as secretary and helped author the Assembly's current constitution and bylaws.

"If at any time in the next six months my actions create discord within the Asembly or hurt the Student Assembly's reputation I will immediately offer my resignation to Rukmini," Honovich said.

Ben Hill '98 was elected Assembly treasurer.