Read First-Year Report to Understand Proposals

by Alyse Kornfeld | 11/4/94 6:00am

To the Editor:

The First-Year Experience Committee report was issued in May of 1994. The follow-up summary was released two weeks ago.

Some students think that the report is about "Freshman Dorms," "new meal plans" or "changing the name of the Freshman Office."

To narrow it down to these simplicities is to let mis-information stifle a very important debate. These two documents contain two dozen ideas and plans that each have the potential to alter the definition of what future students will call the Dartmouth experience.

However, as we observe discussion around campus, we realize that classmates have not taken the opportunity to read these documents, attend forums, or engage in real discussion about the issues that are raised. As Dartmouth students, we have a responsibility to challenge ourselves and others to think critically about our institution and what direction we want it to take in the years after we graduate.

The Coalition of Class Officers encourages our classmates to pick up copies of these reports in the Dean of the College's Office in Parkhurst Hall. Regardless of whether one supports or opposes the recommendations of the committee, it is essential to informed debate and discussion that all students fully understand the issues.

If we want to play an active role in the direction of our College, we should be prepared to make informed decisions.