Court fines freshmen who rushed $100 each

by Steven Hoffman | 11/10/94 6:00am

Several Dartmouth students appeared in Hanover District Court yesterday to face charges related to either alcohol or rushing Memorial Field during a football game.

Five students were each fined $100 for criminal trespass, a violation stemming from separate incidents where the students were arrested after running onto the field during halftime of a home football game, Hanover Police Sgt. Frank Moran said in an interview outside the court yesterday.

But Judge John Boswell suspended $50 of the fine contingent upon the students' good behavior in the future, Moran said.

Unai Montes-Irueste '98 and Benjamin Wright '98 pleaded guilty to the criminal trespass charge at their arraignments yesterday while Michael Bingham '98 changed an earlier plea of not guilty to no contest before his trial yesterday. He was found guilty and given the same fine as the others, Moran said.

The state presented testimonial evidence in its criminal trespass case against Matthew Burke '98, Robert Mullins '98 and Jeremy Donaldson '98 but the trial had to be cut short for a lack of time, Moran said.

Burke and Mullins changed their earlier pleas of not guilty to no contest following the presentation of evidence, which included testimony from three Hanover Police officers and one Safety and Security officer, Moran said. They were found guilty and given the same $100 fine.

The case will be continued Tuesday morning when Moran said he will show two videotapes of the students rushing the field and then Donaldson will be given a chance to present his defense. Moran said he filmed one tape and Safety and Security filmed the other.

Sylvie Hogg '98 did not show up for her arraignment on the charge of criminal trespass, Moran said.

Kenneth Deem '98 pleaded not guilty during his arraignment on the charge of unlawful possession of alcohol. His trial has been set for Jan. 11, Moran said.

Michael Humphrey '98's arraignment for unlawful possession was postponed until Nov. 23 at his request, Moran said.

Michael Hulsy '97 pleaded no contest to a charge of criminal threatening during his arraignment and was found guilty of a violation, rather than a misdemeanor, and fined $200, Moran said.

Adam Himoff '98 pleaded no contest to the charge of misrepresenting his age and was found guilty of a violation, rather than a misdemeanor, and fined $250, Moran said.

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