Stewart '96 recovering

by Jack Vaitayanonta | 5/10/94 5:00am

Jon Stewart '96, who fell out a window at Alpha Delta fraternity last month, is currently in "satisfactory" condition at the Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center, despite a recently discovered blockage in his small intestine, DHMC spokeswoman Diane Williams said.

In a telephone interview from the DHMC, Stewart's mother Cathy said her son "feels lousy" and was unable to speak on the phone. She said the doctors were taking a "conservative approach" to treating his small intestine by draining out fluids with a nasogastrotube.

This procedure would remove the pressure from the organ and allow the flow of materials through his digestive system, she said.

Exploratory surgery performed on Stewart last month revealed a swollen pancreas, a fracture to his third lumbar vertebra and a punctured right lung. Stewart said his gallbladder was removed during the procedure.

Cathy Stewart said "everything else seems to be healing."

She said they do not know what would be the nature of his health upon release because he is still recovering and the new intestine condition arose recently.

Hanover Police Detective Rick Paulsen, who is investigating Stewart's case, said, "The case is still under investigation. We may or may not decide to make arrests." He said the police have not made any related arrests for underage drinking.

Several depressions in the ground about a foot from the house mark the area where police suspect Stewart fell from a window in the early morning of April 16.

Paulsen said it may never be known exactly what occurred the night Stewart fell from the window. He did not rule out the possibility that he may have been pushed.

According to Julie Bowen '95, who was at AD when Stewart was found, two undergraduate women found Stewart by the sidewalk near East Wheelock Street, trying to walk. She said it was not clear that Stewart was injured, but he was definitely drunk.

Bowen said Stewart was conscious and did not want to go to the hospital.

AD President Chase Arnold '95 said he and other AD brothers have visited Stewart several times over the past four weeks. He said he has heard nothing of a possible law suit from the police or the College.

He declined to release AD's statement to The Dartmouth and said the fraternity's national corporation does not want any "unnecessary information" released because it might lead to rumors.

"Right now, I'm interviewing brothers in the fraternity, people who were with him at the time and where he was," Paulsen said.

Paulsen said Stewart had appointed an attorney to deal with the medical, and possibly legal aspects of his case. Paulsen said all of his communications with Stewart have occurred through his attorney.

"I don't fully understand why he hired a lawyer, but understanding the extent of his injuries, there's a possibility he may want to sue," Paulsen said.

Cathy Stewart would not comment on the reason the family hired an attorney or whether they planned to file a lawsuit.

Assistant Dean of Residential Life Deb Reinders declined to comment on whether the College would take any action against AD or any individuals.

A date for Stewart's hospital release has not been set.

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