Berry's criticisms of Spare Rib's 'Sex Issue' are off-base

by Kristina Marty | 11/24/93 6:00am

To the Editor:

I was quite upset when I read Matt Berry's recent editorial "'Soft-porn' in Spare Rib was offensive to me" (The Dartmouth, Nov. 22).

While I would not consider myself to be a radical feminist and didn't agree with everything that was said in Spare Rib, I do support their right to say it. In fact, I hardly found their latest edition to be "soft-porn." It merely offered a different perspective on sexuality (from a woman's perspective).

The debate that has been sparked because of Spare Rib's latest publication can only benefit awareness. As the only feminist paper on campus and one of few campus-wide voices for women at all. Without Spare Rib's voice, our campus definitely loses! Kristina Marty '96

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