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June 17, 2024 | Latest Issue
The Dartmouth

Advertising in Spare Rib

In response to the controversy surrounding the latest issue of Spare Rib, I would like to clarify and discuss the stances taken by our advertisers.

Although every business had a different response, they all agreed that they would not let anyone influence them in deciding whether or not they would advertise. No one has decided to withdraw their financial support.

John Schumacher, owner of Gnomon Copy felt that the paper was "screaming" at him and did not address the reader in a comfortable way. His primary concern, however, was the fact that he was not made aware of the exact content of the paper previous to its publication.

Jerry Mitchell, co-owner of Dartmouth Travel, felt that the paper was "pornographic" and done in poor taste. He will, however, continue to advertise with Spare Rib in the future.

Jim Mitchell, Vice President of Dartmouth Travel pointed out that there were varied responses within the office ranging from those who wouldn't even open its pages to those supported it.

Campion's owner Marty Corcoran said that he does not wish to advertise in Spare Rib, however he feels the paper has the right to express its views.

Montage Consignment Boutique's owner, Laurette Scott, felt that although she didn't quite relate to the material in the paper, she saw no reason to repeal her support. Although no one from the CUaD has visited her store, she said that if someone does try to tell her where to advertise she will "quickly show them the door."

Proprietor of Derby Farm Flowers, Patty Cohen, said that she backs the paper's presence fully. She did not see the problem with the paper's publication and felt it served a valuable purpose on campus.

At Best Seller's Bookstore in the Powerhouse Mall in Lebanon, the manager also supported Spare Rib. She observed that a newspaper is an artform and she feels that a bookstore of all places should be supportive of all printed expression. Her response to the outrage as to its content was that whomever was shocked by the paper must not be aware of the erotic literature available at Best Seller's and at many other bookstores.

She said that no one was forcing anyone to read what was printed and didn't understand the problem.

I realize that this particular issue has clashed with the viewpoints of a few of our advertisers, but I would like to stress the fact that not only is this a necessary and important topic for the campus to address, but it is one in an evolutionary series of topics of Spare Ribs to come.

It has sparked discussion across campus and that in itself is of value.

Courtney Murphy '95 is the advertising coordinator of Spare Rib.