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May 23, 2024 | Latest Issue
The Dartmouth

Clinton will address N.H. Tech School

President Bill Clinton will speak at the New Hampshire Technical School's commencement ceremonies Saturday.

The school, located approximately an hour and a half from Dartmouth in Stratham, has a student body of 532 and is one of seven state technical colleges.

The office of Representative Dick Swett, D-N.H., said that Clinton was choosing between Dartmouth, the University of New Hampshire and the small technical college.

Senior Class President Doug Chia '93, the only student on the Honorary Degrees Committee which is responsible for finding a Commencement speaker, said he had not heard of any such plans by Clinton.

"The decision for the speaker was made long before the election ever happened," Chia said. "President Clinton was not even considered."

Bill Moyers, a veteran television journalist, will speak to the Class of '93 at graduation. He is a former chief correspondent and senior news analyst for CBS news, and he now runs his own production company, Public Affairs Television, in New York City.

"June 13th is Bill Moyers' Day, and we are very excited to have him. He is hot property right now," College Spokesman Alex Huppe said.

The College would welcome Clinton with open arms, though, if he were to speak at the College in the future, Huppe said.

"We would love to have President Clinton come up here and talk any time he wants, with the exception of June 13, 1993. We will always guarantee the President a place to speak," Huppe said.

Clinton will land at the former Pease Air Force base on Saturday morning and then travel to Stratham and Manchester before returning to Washington.