Overheards 18F: Week 3

By The Dartmouth Web Staff | 9/26/18 6:26pm

’19: “Wait, is this going to be a pregame? I’ve never been to a pregame before!”

’22: “So I think the Onion is one of the Seven, but what are the Stacks?”

’21 #1: “Do you have a chaser?”

’21 #2: “For what?”

’21 #1: “Hiccups.”

’19: “What if mitochondria is not the powerhouse of the cell and it just has a good PR manager?”

’20: “The theme is ‘hoedown,’ but is it like ‘Hannah Montana’? Or ‘down the TDX stairs’?”

In line at KAF: “My friend sent a flitz a year and a half ago and he never responded so he forwarded it to him again with the subject line, ‘bumping this.’”

(Male) Engineering professor: “Boys are bad and Mark Zuckerberg doesn’t deserve to be rich.”

’21: “I only fall for upperclassmen, I’m a classist.”

In Thayer: “I’m from New England, I’m white, so salt and pepper is pretty intense for us.”

’21: “McGill is the best college in Canada? That’s like saying you’re the richest person in South Dakota.”

In Collis: #1: “How was your weekend?”

In Collis #2: “Not great, DHMC.”

’22: “Isn’t it crazy that there are people who poop in the FFB bathrooms? It’s really a power move that I’m not sure I’m bold enough to commit myself to.”

The Dartmouth Web Staff