Ameer to leave College amidst reorganization

by Zachary Benjamin | 1/5/17 5:02pm

Provost Carolyn Dever has announced the departure of Vice-Provost of Student Affairs Inge-Lise Ameer amidst a reorganization of the administration’s management structure. As part of these changes, which go into effect this term, the vice-provost’s position will be eliminated and many of its responsibilities will be assigned to Dean of the College Rebecca Biron.

The new structure effectively reverses a previous reorganization, in which the then-newly created vice-provost position assumed many responsibilities that at the time were assigned to the Dean of the College. Under this structure, implemented in 2015, the vice-provost handled student wellness, safety, development and other social aspects of residential life at Dartmouth, while the dean focused more on academic affairs, including leading the cohort of house professors under the new housing system.

Ameer, who at the time was serving as interim Dean of the College, assumed office as vice-provost on July 1, 2015. She is the only person to have held the position.

It is currently unclear what specifically, if anything, has prompted the reorganization. The College wrote that the change “will improve the integration of all student affairs functions in support of student personal and academic success” and “streamline communications and promote shared mission within the division under one leader.”