Zachary Goldstein


Learning from The Dartmouth

"Hello, I'm Zach Goldstein and I go to The Dartmouth." The words slipped unconsciously out of my mouth and even moments later I was unaware of the seemingly minor mistake I had just made.

Early acceptances herald first 2009s to Dartmouth

When they opened their mailboxes in December, 397 high-school seniors received the news they had all been waiting for: they were the first members of the Class of 2009. Despite garnering slightly fewer applications than in recent years, the total number of Early Decision admits was up nominally, an increase Dean of Admissions Karl Furstenberg attributes directly to the strength of the pool. Academically, the class looks to be the strongest in years.

Wireless campus brims with high technology

There's a reason why an overwhelming majority of the College opts for laptop computers. With a wireless network blanketing the entire campus, from the library to the dorms to the middle of the Green, students can access the Internet and (more importantly) BlitzMail from anywhere on campus, without plugging in. In October 2002, Wired Magazine even dubbed the college "Unplugged U." for its widespread use of wireless technology.

Dartmouth ranked ninth -- again

For the fifth year in a row, U.S. News and World Report ranked Dartmouth ninth in its annual "America's Best Colleges" report released Tuesday. Harvard and Princeton again buoyed the rankings in a tie for the number one school.